Who we are

SubtechFactory, established in 2010, stands as a leading supplier and manufacturer of premium water tumblers. We are dedicated to empowering creatives and entrepreneurs like you to elevate your brand using our high-quality sublimation blank and engraved tumblers. At SubtechFactory, we uphold our commitment that our tumblers are crafted to endure the test of time.

Streamlining bulk orders has never been easier. As your comprehensive supplier with an established factory, we specialize in the entire process—from design and research to manufacturing—and deliver directly to you. Enjoy the benefits of wholesale pricing and complimentary shipping with no minimum order requirements!

In a landscape where branding and personalization hold immense significance, SubtechFactory emerges as your reliable ally in bringing your ideas to fruition. Join our ever-expanding community of satisfied customers who have elevated their brands using SubtechFactory's premium tumblers. Experience the SubtechFactory difference today, where quality, creativity, and convenience converge to propel you toward success.


Why We Do It

Our mission is to be the most loved and trusted sublimation blanks supplier. We live by the philosophy that product should be approachable, high quality with good price, easy to buy, on-trend. We provide these for every customer.


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